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10 Striking Similarities Between Toddlers and Cats

Do you own cats? Do you have toddlers? I have the good fortune to own two sweet little kitties and spend time with the cutest little toddler nephews. In my time spent between my home and my sister’s home, I can’t help but notice the striking similarities between my cats and my sister’s toddlers.

1. Can’t leave you alone in the bathroom.

Maybe my cats are just weird, but I cannot go into the bathroom without them pushing the door open (if I left it open) or without them sticking their little paws under the door trying to get to me.

And you mamas out there, I know this is a common occurrence with young children. “Mom, mom! Are you pooping mom? Can I come in?” Or in my case with my nephews, “What are you doing Kiwi?” (Yes, they pronounce my name Kiwi sometimes, and I love it!)

2. Stick everything in their mouths.

My cats chew up everything and stick random things in their mouths. I often catch myself asking “What’s in your mouth?” or scolding them to “Spit that out.”

I’ve never done that with my toddler nephews… (Read the sarcasm in the ellipses...I have said those things to them.)

3. Make messes.

Okay, animals and kids both make messes. We all know that. And forgive me, but I sometimes judge how messy my nephew toddlers can be when I can’t even clean up after my own cats. Both leave toys everywhere (or in and under the couch), don’t make it to the toilet (or litter box), and spill their food and drinks. And they both get into everything!

Heaven help me when I have children.

4. Fight like cats and dogs.

So, yeah, cats fight like, well, cats. And so do toddlers. Screaming, clawing, hitting each other. I often find myself chastising my cats for bullying each other, even though I know that’s what they do. Should we let kids do the same?...

5. Wait anxiously for you to arrive or get home.

Alright, my cats may not be “anxiously” awaiting my arrival. But without fail, there they are in my front window each day when I get home from work. And they run up to me ready for attention.

When my nephews know that I’m coming to visit, I get very much the same greeting from them as I do from my cats. They’re waiting at the door, checking outside every five minutes, and run up to me when I get to their house.

6. Beg for snacks.

If your cats don’t beg you for food, tell me what I’m doing wrong. I don’t even give them people food or treats hardly ever. But if their food bowl is not full enough to their satisfaction, boy will they let me know it. Also, if I eat in front of my cats, one of them will just sit and stare at me until I’m done. She knows I won’t feed her, but she never gives up.

And we’ve all been around a toddler when they want a treat. If you eat something in front of them, you better be ready to share it.

7. Cry for no apparent reason.

Toddlers cry a lot, sometimes they didn’t get the toy or snack they wanted, you sat in their spot, or you repeated back what they said the wrong way. They have big emotions that they don’t know how to express, but sometimes we just don’t know why they are crying.

My cats do the same thing! Sure, they don’t have big toddler emotions, but they can have a perfectly full food and water bowl, clean litter box, snuggles, and all the toys in the world, and sometimes they just cry at you and you aren’t sure why.

8. Get in your face when you’re trying to get stuff done.

Children and cats don’t know boundaries. All they know is they want attention and you aren’t giving it to them. And they each have their own way of trying to get that attention.

Cats will jump into your lap, rub their face against yours, meow at you until you acknowledge them. Kids will jump in your lap, pull on your clothes, yell at you until you acknowledge them.

Just give them the love that they need from you.

9. So precious when they sleep.

It’s just calming to watch toddlers and cats sleep, especially together! Maybe it’s because they’re not terrorizing you, but either way, they are so peaceful when they sleep.

10. Give the best snuggles.

It’s hard to say who wins the award for the best snuggles between my nephews and my cats. I love both! You feel so loved when a cat or a toddler comes up to you and wants to snuggle and show their love to you.

They are saying that they care, but also that they feel safe and loved by you. Take a few minutes for yourself and them to soak in the love.

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