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10 Ways to Travel While Being a Homebody

Traveling the world is both a goal and a dream.

Most of the time, it stays as a goal that people keep pushing away because life just doesn't allow it.

Other times, we're met with financial roadblocks that stop us from dreaming about seeing the world—let alone pin it as a goal.

Among both of these, there's something you've probably not considered yet.

That is, getting your itch to see the world scratched while staying within the comfort of your home.

You're most likely ruling out that option as soon as you read it, right?

It does sound a little too good to be true. Keep reading to see what this is all about.

How can you travel while being a homebody?

  • Let your taste buds do the traveling;
  • Tour a museum ⁠— online;
  • Allow music to take your mind to places;
  • Decorate your environment to your advantage;
  • Get yourself in touch with a local.

Aren’t these only five?

Yes, yes they are.

You can read further for an expanded view on these and the remaining ones.

1. Let your taste buds do the traveling

Do you believe that you need to leave your house to experience new things, maybe even taste them?

Well, think again!

Nowadays, we have such a wide selection of foods that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it for this exact purpose.

And what purpose is that?

It’s giving yourself a taste of all the places you want to visit, without much effort being needed— only ordering the right food.

2. Tour a museum—online

Works of art embody a very different meaning depending on who walks past it, right?

The good news is, that doesn’t change whether it’s in person or virtually.

If you want to see bits of famous places that people go on and on about, this is a great option for you.

The perks of it being an online experience?

No one’s stopping you from ‘leaving’ if it gets a bit boring or your expectations are let down.

3. Allow music to take your mind to places

Your playlist is probably already on all the time or music is just something you listen to on your work breaks.

Whatever is the scenario that applies to you, something that is so easily and readily accessible doesn’t really come to mind when you’re thinking about your next vacation.

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to believe that you already have everything you need, right?

It’s true, though. You can tweak your playlist to include the biggest hits from the country you want to visit.

You can even take this a step further and read a bit about it, like where it originated from and which are the trends it adheres to.

4. Decorate your environment to your advantage

Now, you’d be right to say that this is more of a luxury rather than something that’s widely accessible.

That would especially be the case if you’ve ever seen a furniture catalog.

One thing that you might see in those catalogs is adapting your home to the outside world. Decorating for each season has been going around for years.

While doing a complete makeover to your living space might be a little out of your budget, don’t let this stop you from experiencing the atmosphere of the places you want to visit.

Small things like fake flowers or colored curtains will go a long way.

5. Get yourself in touch with a local

Have you ever felt excited that a friend is visiting your hometown, so you can show them around and tell them stories of each place?

That kind of excitement is exactly what you wish for when you visit a new place.

Even if you can’t be there physically, having someone so happy to tour you through all the spots you’d like to see will inevitably rub off on you.

This way, you’ll not only be satisfied with your tour, you’ll also be hearing a lot of stories coming from a perspective which only a local can give you.

Go ahead and book a video call with one, don’t let the fear of wasting money with the booking hold you back from a possibly great moment.

6. Host your house to different cultures

Your house is probably a place you consider to be sacred, that you wouldn't invite just anyone to.

However, maybe you can make an exception to total strangers— that sounds weird, but just wait.

What this means is that when you become a host for someone from another country, you’re getting a deep look at how their culture works.

A free one, if you will. As well as one that allows you to know way more of a foreign place, no matter if you love staying inside your cozy home.

It won't hurt that this also works to get you a little bit out of your comfort zone, since acting as a host can feel pretty out of what you’re used to.

7. Embrace subtitles in another language

Try watching your all-time favorite movie with subtitles in a different language than yours.

Now, this tip does require that the place you want to go to, speaks a language other than yours.

Nevertheless, if you’re able to use it, a little ‘game’ to make it more fun is seeing how many words you can pick up and memorize.

This doesn’t seem like much, but it will definitely come in handy when you’re talking to a local who’s speaking way faster than what you can understand.

8. Join a lot of Facebook Groups

But… Facebook Groups are dead, right? Well, not really.

It’s still an amazing place to hangout with others and find people who really vibe with what you have to say.

Because of that, it’s also a great way to travel without leaving your home.

Especially if you spend your time in a travel-focused group, full of people who will share their stories and insights about a spot around the world.

9. Be active in a forum

Sometimes, it really is easy to overlook what you already have.

Most of the time, you will already be a member of forums that cater to the things you’re interested in.

Have you ever thought of combining that with your passion for traveling?

It’s a good ‘two birds with one stone’ kind of scenario, since you will be getting more knowledge not only on what you already like but also personal and unique perspectives from people around the globe.

10. Find a pen pal to correspond with

Why don’t we take things a little old school and exchange letters?

It’s pretty exciting to know that your mail is making it all the way around the world.

With this one, you will get to talk about you and your passions while learning about some other distant place.

What could be better than this balance? After all, it is no crime if you enjoy talking about yourself.

Shouldn’t you be one or the other?

You’re definitely not alone if this is what’s in your mind right now.

It’s more than understandable that you find it a bit confusing to embrace both your comfort-seeking side as well as your adventure-seeking side.

Although, you should expect that not everyone will understand this middle ground you’ve found, so there might be some judgment.

I want you to know that’s pretty average. After all, the norm is choosing one or the other and making it a part of your personality. Let’s not do that.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it will be up to you to take advantage of these or not.

Whether you decide to use these tips or not, it’s pretty cool knowing that there’s ways to travel that aren’t coming out of your pocket— at least, not a lot.

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