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7 Ways to Keep Kids and Teens from Smoking and Vaping

Many statistics state that children, especially teens, are becoming more prone to smoking and vaping. The parents are concerned about how they will control the child's behavior.

But what if you take preventive measures so that the kid will not adopt such a habit? There are certain ways in which you can prevent your child from smoking or vaping and protect their future.

1. Educate them

Most of the time, these habits are due to curiosity. If your child is curious about smoking or vaping, help them know the disasters they will face in the future. The child needs to understand that it is a small pleasure but has evil results, like cancer.

Usually, the problem begins as the child enters adolescence. A healthy one-to-one discussion will help you make them understand, that tobacco, in any form, is a problem.

2. Avoid places or people that are habitual

Teenage is the time when an individual wants to copy their adults. If anyone in the family is habitually smoking or vaping, it is better to maintain distance. In many cases, the major reason is family members.

Parents also need to be aware of the company of the teenagers for proper guidance and help. Friends are the second reason they start smoking just to look cool. Explain to them with patience the difference between being right and cool.

3. Learn to say no

There are a lot of issues when you take a stand and say no to your child. Smoking and vaping are the same. Set a good example and ban such activities in your home.

Remember, if you expect them to not follow this path first, you need to become a motivation for them. If you are a smoker, quit it and if people around you support it stay away from them. Whatever you do, your child will follow.

4. Is your child under stress?

Parents often avoid such questions or do not try to communicate with children regarding their life events. Communication is the key to any relationship; if your child complains about any issue, consider it and discuss it.

Stress and a lack of communication often encourage them to find short-term relaxation. These relaxations include smoking, vaping, drinking and even becoming drug addicts. Stop ignoring your teenager; they need your love and patience to stay away from such habits.

5. Encourage them towards a healthy lifestyle

As a parent, if you mold the child from an early age towards healthy living and stress management activities like meditation, they will not crave smoking and vaping.

Make them aware of physical exercise and a good and balanced diet. Make meditation part of their daily routine; it will keep your child away from such habits from an early age.

6. Prepare them to face the world

As parents, it's obvious that you keep your child under protection but the world is more brutal. Keep them safe but let them prepare for the real world battle, which is your duty. Overprotectiveness from parents will reduce a child’s capacity to manage the pressure and they will start attracting attention towards smoking or vaping.

Encourage them to do community services where people who suffer from such habits are treated. Involve them in campaigns against smoking and vaping to make them more aware. Give them a reality check to keep them secure.

7. Consult with an expert

Quitting is easy at an early stage. If you find out that your teenager is involved in smoking or enjoying vaping, find the cause and communicate.

Discuss it with experts and help them overcome the habit as early as possible. Renaissance Recovery is one such center where experts help people quit smoking or vaping easily. You can get a consultation and save your child from this long-term and deadly addiction.


Smoking and vaping are equally dangerous. Both have consequences and ill effects. The best thing to do is to keep your child away from such habits rather than regret them later.

A little strictness, lots of patience, and communication are key aspects when you want to prevent your child from getting addicted. Give them a space to share their problems with you without fear. This confidence will make them better in life and you will not worry about addiction issues.

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