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Top 5 YouTube Workout Channels for Beginners

In my endeavors to try to work out better from home, I have discovered some super fun and easy workout channels on YouTube that are great for beginners (like me). Does anyone else feel like they'll always be a "beginner" when it comes to working out? Just me? Cool...

Yoga With Adrienne

Yoga With Adrienne is probably my favorite YouTube workout channel that I always go back to. She makes yoga simple and gives you options for simpler versions of more complicated maneuvers. 

She even has a complete playlist of videos for people who are just starting out. I've included one of my favorite videos for you to get started. 


Yes, another yoga channel. Yoga is just such a great workout to do from home (and in private if you want to practice before taking it to a public yoga class). 

SarahBethYoga is another channel that has some great beginner workouts that I really enjoy. And she has nice short workouts for those of you who only have 10-15 minutes in to squeeze in some exercise. 

BodyFit By Amy

I love this channel because she has all kinds of beginner workouts to exercise every part of the body. And then if you feel you're ready to move away from beginner stuff (although it's still an awesome workout), this channel has tons of more advanced videos. 

Bonus: She even has a playlist of prenatal workouts!

The Fitness Marshal

If you're looking for a super fun workout to do with friends, or on your own, you've got to try some of The Fitness Marshall's videos. He's got such a fun personality to follow along with while you dance and get fit. 

He takes pop songs and choreographs dances that you can follow along with easily. 


Okay, this last one might seem like a joke, but these workouts kill! They have several 8-minute workout videos to workout different parts of the body. I only include them with this beginner list because they're easy to follow along with and you can take it at your own pace. 

And, if you only have a few minutes to get a quick workout in, these are great!

8-minute abs is definitely my favorite and was a go-to for my best friend and I when we were in college. 

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